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Runator allows you to import different running apps you may have used and track your data in only one profile. You can add one or multiple apps.


Regardless the running app or gps watch that you, your friends or other runners, Runsfeed will show you all the running news.

The Running News

  • Learn something new every day with the Tip of the day
  • Find out runners nearby
  • See other records achieved by other runners
  • Meet new runners with similar pace to improve your own
  • Compare yourself with your following runners
  • Comment and like runs
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Create your unique runner profile with your history of running workouts. Follow your friends, great runners or people who run at your pace to see how the train, compare your profile with theirs, the amount of times they run, distance they make and become a better runner.

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The ranking of all runners or your friends. Running does not have to be a competition but it is always fun to see that you're passing your friends, running faster than others or measure yourself among the runner community.